Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What would this blog be for?

Amidst the time restraints and, of course, the budget. I (and my beau) still make sure that we travel, dine, have fun, and do things together --- anywhere --- while we're still young.

This blog is dedicated on the travels and food monologues that I've had and will have. The gastronomic delights and rantings I may have along the way. This blog is dedicated to the travelers who would like to explore the 3 main islands of the Philippines... LUzon, VIsayas, and MINdanao.

In my own life, I would like to at least endeavour in taking a peek and discovering for myself the wonderful places that my country could offer. That it's not just Boracay and Bohol one could dig in. But there would be more beautiful, fun-filled places that may go beyond what these usual places could offer.

Allow me to share to you some of the places I have been. Whether it's here in Manila, moreso, the places that would open your eyes to a new place that could only be found... Only in the Philippines... Only with Luzviminda.